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1. Company Name

new registration

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If "new registration" chosen:

1st choice:  

Some "sensitive" words may require special license or approval. These words are: Bank, Financial, Insurance(s) and similar licensed activities.

2nd choice:  
3rd choice:  

2. Business Description

Please describe the proposed business activities, annual turnover, geographical location of suppliers and customers.

3. Registered office and registered agent

use standard configuration

A LLC company must have a registered office in the state of registration and registered agent. We will normally provide these services. If you wish to use different address and / or secretary, please indicate.

I'll provide the address and secretary myself

4. Seal

provide company seal for the company (+ USD 50)

It is not mandatory for US companies to use a company seal. Therefore usually the company is configured to operate without seal. If you wish your company to use the company seal (rubber), please check here.

5. Members

At least one initial member is required. The initial member may be declared either on the Public Record (on the Certificate of Formation) or privately on a document the organizer will execute. All of the initial members have equal control of the company unless you design your own clause to distinguish between them. The initial members will adopt the Operating Agreement and name the managers or officers of the company.

use third party nominee service (+ USD 200 per year)

appoint the following Members:

% of ownership:   Name:  
Nationality:   Address:  
% of ownership:   Name:  
Nationality:   Address:  
% of ownership:   Name:  
Nationality:   Address:  

name Members on Certificate (public information)

6. Attorneys (if nominee service ordered above)

issue the Power of Attorney to the following person(s):

Nationality:   Name:  
Occupation:   Adress:  
Nationality:   Name:  
Occupation:   Adress:  

7. Legalization of Company Documents

Most official organizations - like banks, business and property registrars, courts, government offices - usually require that all foreign documents be legalized by the Hague Convention 1961 ("Apostille") procedure. Therefore, it is recommended that company documents are notarized and legalized for international use by this procedure.

certify a copies of all primary documents by Notary and Apostille (+ USD 100)

certify the original Certificate of Formation by Apostille (+ USD 50)

certify the Power of Attorney by Apostille (+ USD 100)

8. Authorized contact person

Name:   E-mail:  
Phone:   Fax:  

9. Bank Account

open a bank account (+ USD 250)

Internet banking (+ USD 50)

ATM/debit card (+ USD 80 per year)

I prefer opening the bank account by mail (authenticated signature specimen needed)

I prefer opening the bank account in person

10. Delivery

courier (+ USD 60...90, depending on location)

registered mail (+ USD 40)

Street:   Country:  
City, province:   ZIP or postal code:  

11. Payment information

Bank wire

Western Union

credit card (VISA/MasterCard)

12. Special instructions

The minimum package includes: company registration and all primary documents (Certificate, Operating Agreement, Statement of Actions taken to organize the company, Share Certificates); government fees at registration. The cost of minimum package is USD 350. The prices for most common additional services the customer could choose are indicated in the application form. For other additional services, please use the "Special instructions" field.