1. Company Name

new registration

from shelf list

If "new registration" chosen:

1st choice:  

Some "sensitive" words may require special license or approval. These words are: Bank, Financial, Insurance(s), Assurance, Fund, Group, Europe, British, Gibraltar, National, International, Immigration, Authority, Association, Club, Council, Directors, Trust, Foundation, Savings, Commodities, Brokers, Credit, Nominee.

2nd choice:  
3rd choice:  

2. Business Description

Please describe the proposed business activities, annual turnover, geographical location of suppliers and customers.

3. Activities

use standart wording of company activities

All Companies will have a very broad operational objects clause as standard. It will cover all the usual unlicensed business activities. If you wish to emphasize a particular activity or duty, please specify.

I'll provide a specific wording of company activities

4. Registered address and company secretary

use standard configuration (+ GBP 190 per year)

A Gibraltar company must have a registered address and resident secretary in Gibraltar. We will normally provide these services. If you wish to use different address and / or secretary, please indicate.

I'll provide the address and secretary myself (free)

5. Seal

provide company seal for the company (+ GBP 35)

It is not mandatory for Gibraltar companies to use a company seal. Therefore usually the company is configured to operate without seal. If you wish your company to use the company seal (embossed type), please check here.

6. Share Capital

Use standart authorized share capital

(GBP 2,000 divided into 2,000 shares of GBP 1 each)
The capital duty is 0.5% minimum GBP 10. Therefore, the standard authorized capital is GBP 2000. For Exempt companies, the paid-up capital must not be less than GBP 100.

Use amount of authorized share capital specified below:

Share capital:   Number of shares:  
Value of each share:  

7. Shareholders

Company shareholders are registered. Corporate bodies are accepted as shareholder.

use third party nominee shareholders (+ GBP 220 per year)

Issue / transfer shares to the following shareholders

Number of shares:   Name:  
Nationality:   Address:  
Number of shares:   Name:  
Nationality:   Address:  
Number of shares:   Name:  
Nationality:   Address:  

8. Directors

Company Directors are registered. Minimum number of Directors is one. Corporate bodies are accepted as Directors.

use third party nominee directors (+ GBP 180 per year)

appoint the following as director(s):

Nationality:   Name:  
Occupation:   Adress:  
Nationality:   Name:  
Occupation:   Adress:  

9. Legalization of Company Documents

Most official organizations - like banks, business and property registrars, courts, government offices - usually require that all foreign documents be legalized by the Hague Convention 1961 ("Apostille") procedure. Therefore, it is recommended that company documents are notarized and legalized for international use by this procedure.

certify a copies of all primary documents by Notary and Apostille (+ GBP 70)

certify the original Certificate of Incorporation directly by Apostille (+ GBP 35)

10. Beneficial owner

Name:   E-mail:  
Phone:   Fax:  

We are obliged by the law to know and be able to identify our client (the beneficial owner of the company). This information is only for our internal file and will be kept confidential at all times, subject to the applicable laws. This information is NOT part of any public record. We will consider the beneficial owner to be our client and we will not take any further instructions in regards of this company from any other persons except the one indicated above.

11. Bank Account

open a bank account (+ GBP 180)

Internet banking (+ GBP 40)

ATM/debit card (+ GBP 40 per year)

I prefer opening the bank account by mail (authenticated signature specimen needed)

I prefer opening the bank account in person

12. Delivery

courier (+ GBP 45...70, depending on location)

airmail (+ GBP 20)

Street:   Country:  
City, province:   ZIP or postal code:  

13. Payment information

Bank wire

Western Union

credit card (VISA/MasterCard)

14. Special instructions

The minimum package includes: company registration and all primary documents (Certificate, Memorandum & Articles of Association, First Minutes with appointment of Director, Share Certificates and Share Transfer forms); government fees at registration. The cost of minimum package is GBP 290. The prices for most common additional services the customer could choose are indicated in the application form. For other additional services, please use the "Special instructions" field.

Due Diligence documentation. We will require a certified copy of passport (or other similar ID), an original proof of address (recent utility bill or bank account statement with residential address indicated) and a bank or professional reference. A proof of address is any recent document where the name and residential address of the person is indicated. We will require the same documentation for all Directors and Shareholders indicated above.